The Designer

Bruce la CruzMichael H is the fashion designer of Bruce la Cruz. He was born in the early seventies. Michael always loved to travel since he was little. He worked as a cook, an interior designer, a media consultant for TV stations, store owner, photographer, music producer and music video director. But his favorite job is to design clothes and home decor.

His first fashion collection was presented in the fall of 2001. Now, he has 3 different ones:

Bruce la Cruz | Official | BLC.

In the light of LA Spring, Bruce transformed his 2010 european winter inspiration into Home décor.
Calling it:

Bruce Home


"...the people have to feel free and easy in my creations, ...maybe a little funky or nasty" says Michael. " should be fun and show your own special personality! ... Try to make fading stars shine new again". Michael is a big traveler - to be exact he is a "backpacker". He has traveled all over the world - Brazil, Argentina, China, India (his most inspiring place), Mexico and Russia with only with a map and his backpack. And everywhere he goes, he collects fabrics, patterns, colours and jewelry to influence every collection with a little magic from his adventures. So every collection depends on the next adventurous trip! In his productions - like campaign shootings, commercial clips or music videos - he always focuses on telling a story. Michael said: "people should see the message of the whole collection in 3 or 4 seconds. On print or video, it should tell them the reason for the collection. There should be a message, otherwise it’s boring. It’s much more fun to wear a piece with a nice story around it."