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...or the still unleashed secret about tomato juice on the plane?

It was just 2 weeks ago when I came back from Ibiza. It happened on an Air Berlin flight and immediately reminded me of the question that I asked myself a hundred times.
Why, on a flight, do normal people turn into vegetable juice drinkers?
Actually, there is only one vegetable ….Tomato!

So I sit there, unfortunately, in a middle seat. To my right is a sunburned German Lady back from holiday and to my left is a Spanish businessman. The one thing that they had in common was not the language , it was their orders of Tomato juice! And, the sunburned blond next to me insisted on salt and pepper with the TJ.....of course!
Even my dad, who never touches any vegetables in real life, orders Tomato juice on the plane.
I think without the airlines tomato juice companies would have gone out of business already. Ok, ok - some people have their TJ in their Bloody or Virgin Marys, but I would say its less then 10 percent from the TJ cake.
What is the mysterious secret of the red vegetable wonder juice??

  • do people think it is a meal? ( ok it's cold, but tastes - with some fantasy or stretch of the imagination - almost like tomato soup)
  • do people think flying is exotic, therefore, they need an exotic drink during the flight?
  • or is it to show the person sitting next to you that yes, I travel a lot and even when the stewardess didn't mention the Tomato juice, I know that there is TJ on the plane!?
  • does it make them look smarter? (no!)
  • do they think, people around them appreciate their love of animals because they drink only vegetables?
  • is it what I call the „we going to the movies“ effect, you have to order popcorn when you are at the movies, the same with TJ on the plane?
  • or does it maybe give you extra power, like a vampire drinking blood? ( ok, again I get a bit carried away!)


Many questions, but no answers at all...
Oh, by the way, a high percentage of those TJ drinkers are also the ones who applaud the moment the plane touches ground ( but that's another story to tell)
1993 Lufthansa erased tomato juice from their board menu. The volume of complaint calls caused a total breakdown in the Lufthansa call centers. Lufthansa revised the board menu once again and, within 48 hours, Tomato juice was added back !!!!

I also heard from some stewardesses that TJ has its own wave phenomenon. It just takes one or two passengers to order TJ to start the most of the fellow flyers on the plane to follow suit and request tomato juice.
When I asked my father why he orders TJ on a plane, he just said, I don't know why, but when I finally, after all the stress involved, sit down in that air plane seat, after carrying the suitcases, checking in, finding the right seat number, storing all our Hand luggage, I just want to treat myself and I order a Tomato Juice.....

So easy?
…'s a treat for all the stress they had until they finally sit down in the that all?
And why then would you treat yourself with Tomato Juice?
I never remember saying, „wow, it was a great day - let's celebrate with some tomato juice. Nobody else around me fills their glasses with tomato juice to salute at a party !
is there really no other explanation for that phenomenon?
Personally, I don't like Tomato Juice, neither Bloody nor Virgin ! For me its somthing in the middle; it is not a full tomato anymore nor is it a hot soup. For all you TJ admirers, you do, at least, do something good for your body. Tomato juice is full of Lycopene that is good in protecting your skin against free radicals ( while flying there are a lot of oxidative substances called free radicals in the air) but YOU know that anyway! Otherwise, Google it

Lycopene 3D Balls
So, finally I can say that I accept all tomato juice drinkers right and left to me on the plane, but if one of these lunatics should ever spill his or her red poison all over me, be prepared I'll burst his bubble, because a tomato isn't even a vegetable,people it's a fruit!

Xoxox Bruce

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  • Lauren says:

    Hillarious and sooooo true. I need to pay attention to the clapping part next!

    Posted on December 1, 2011 at 8:51 pm


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